Cultivating Awesomeness- Lessons from a Snowflake

“Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.”

― Emily Dickinson

I recently had a visit from my daughter, son-in-law and (almost) five-year-old grandson, Nicolas. They reside in Florida and in an attempt to make up for an absent Thanksgiving, we combined the holidays in one fun-filled long weekend. I wanted each day to be magical. I thoughtfully made my list of activities crafted to not only engage my active grandson, but to create memorable moments. We would go ice-skating, bring home-baked gingerbread to our local police and fire-stations, watch the boat parade of lights, go to church together and open our home to family and friends for holiday cheer.

The week prior, Nicolas had submitted his one and only request. “Can we have snow, yaya (his name for me)?” He longed for snow, having watched the Disney movie Frozen half dozen times. I informed him that this was not my department, but I would certainly consider it. His prayers were answered, and that Saturday morning flakes began to drift from the sky. We bundled up, grabbed Max, my golden doodle, and ventured out into this new phenomenon of snow. Nicolas tilted his head back and stuck out his tongue, then squealed, “I caught one, yaya! It is yummy!” I laughed at my rosy cheeked grandson whose eyes, wide as saucers, were gazing at the sky tracking the snow until it got close enough to lap up with his extended tongue. He chuckled with delight and clapped his mitten-clad hands with each conquest.

“I’m gonna make a snowball …and we are going to have a battle!” Nicolas declared as he scooped up a fistful of the white powder and threw it. Then he scooped another. He lapped and scooped our entire walk and challenged the remaining family, toasty warm waiting at the house, to a game of snow football. We made snow angels, snow castles and snow cones. There was pure joy that emanated from my grandson on this early December snowfall. Some saw a cold, dreary, icky day…Nicolas saw magic!

The Science of Awe and Wonder